The INSPIRED AF & EQX LUXE Collaboration

WELCOME To The INSPIRED AF and EQX LUXE Collaboration!

Tricia and Lindsay are back, bringing a brand new collection from Inspired AF and EQX Luxe!

Introducing ... The Mantra Boxes

Our collection for November, December and January includes a 100% coconut wax candle, a space transforming room and body spray, Palo Santo stick to set your intentions and clear your space and a manta for the month. 

With the holidays and New Year approaching, we all either need to calm the f@ck down, let that shit go, or manifest that shit. 

Each month will feature a new candle and room spray scent, a new mantra, and a new gift from us. 

Our November box | calm the f@ck down

Our December box | let that shit go

Our January box | manifest that shit

XO! Tricia and Lindsay