Missing You & Giving Collection

Posted by Lindsay Manfredi on

Missing You & Giving Collection

Hey EQX fam. Lindsay here today. Tricia and I have spent the last two months really growing and expanding the candle collection. Trying to grow a business during a pandemic has been a wild ride, on top of all the responsibilities we have at the farm, we are all so grateful for all of your support. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have some big news coming up that we are stoked to announce. But for now, let’s talk about something I feel we are all experiencing a little of, and that is loneliness. It’s hard to have to stop and think about how cautious we need to be in light of a virus we still don’t know too much about. We’ve all had to hold back on many of the things we do daily. Tricia and I have been joking about how we never really knew how much we loved sitting in restaurants until all we really wanted to do was sit in one and sip a glass of wine. But, those things can be sacrificed for the time being in the spirit of being responsible humans. 

And while most of the country is reopening, we still must be careful. And it’s really not about us per se. It’s more for those who are not in as good of health as us. But that brings us to sit back, reminisce, and do everything in our power to stay strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. And one thing Tricia is so good at is creating in times that aren’t so easy.

Here is our new line, inspired by a need to give, inspired by a need to connect, inspired by the typical happenings of May and June, that aren’t at all normal right now. Also added, is Tricia’s Facebook post, in her words, in transparency. Enjoy, and happy shopping.

“Yesterday was a tough day. I was supposed to do laundry. I hate laundry. And I missed my Mom, I missed my family, and I missed my friends. So I sat down to create a graduation candle, which led to this collection.

I created it to counter the snarky collection. A reflection of the orders that have come in over the past 70 days. The notes that people have been having us hand write on the cards as they send them to loved ones and friends they can't see. We loved wrapping each candle and sending each note. Thank you to all of you that have ordered, for helping to sustain this little farm and for keeping us sane, because we loved creating the gifts.

We hope you like this collection as well. As always free shipping. AND promo code buy3 gets you a free candle of your choice when you buy three all this week! OH and P.S.😉 still haven't done that laundry."