The COLD MUSIC 2020 Collection

Welcome to the Spring "Apocalypse Now" 2020 COLD music collection. 

We had already bought all this wax and all the scents to make candles for our 2020 spring tour before it got canceled, so we decided we have to take this time in quarantine to create anyway. We were originally going to call it "a different kind of tour" for the tour.... but then, brainstormed on "a different kind of cold..." just to be super punny. However, we just decided to make an actual story of this. 

Shit legit "just got wicked" ... and we're all "without you" .... and it's still a little too "quiet now", however, at this point in time, we're all called to be a "better human."

 We love you. Stay safe. And wash your damn hands, (also have a candle for that.) lol. 

Love, Lindsay M and Tricia G.